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feature film

The story about the wrestler Christian who comes out of prison only to find out he is not allowed back in his home by his parents. He is a convicted killer of his own brother and the parents have started over and has taken on a refugee boy Ali who now lives in Christian´s old room.


feature film

Charlotte gets a new job as a teacher in a new city. One of her students Anton is a shy boy who loves music and they both connect really well and starts to make a song together. One night Charlotte is attacked by a neo nazi and when she comes back to school she finds out that Anton is the son of that nazi.

mini series

En vintersaga is a story based on Ted Ströms  famous Swedish song "vintersaga" and this story is about four individuals in different parts of Sweden who during a snow storm find their way and their purpose in life with the help of magic


feature film

A young syrian woman without asylum in Berlin is forced to work as a sex worker. One day a customer asks her to perform a prostate massage on him. She does so reluctantly. Almost immediately she stops and forces the customer to leave. She then looks him up at his house and tells him that he has got prostate cancer and she wants him to help her out of the country. To her sister outside of Lyon.

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